We specialize in building custom web applications.

We deliver excellent solutions to our clients and aim to establish long-term partnerships that yield continued collaboration, friendship, and mutual benefits.

We embrace learning through new challenges!

We help our clients design, develop, and launch their projects; and we continue the journey with them long after to ensure success, satisfaction, and continued growth and profitability.

We like to get into a project as early as possible.

The key to a successful project is good planning and realistic expectations. We like to be included in projects as early as possible, so we can help our clients develop their project plans and identify any technical challenges early in the process.

We use the latest technology.

Our broad experience in the field allows us to use the best tools available to create solutions that fit the needs of our clients. Most of our projects are built on the LAMP stack. We prefer to use open-source software and make a positive impact in the industry by collaborating and sharing knowledge.

The acronym LAMP refers to first letters of the four components of a solution stack, composed entirely of free and open-source software, suitable for building high-availability heavy-duty dynamic web sites, and capable of serving tens of thousands of requests simultaneously.

Our tools of choice include...

  • Technologies
  • PHP
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Application Frameworks
  • CakePHP
  • CodeIgniter
  • Django
  • Kohana Framework
  • Symfony 2
  • ZEND Framework
  • UI Frameworks
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • YUI
  • Mootools
  • Shadowbox
  • Lightbox

We look forward to new challenges.

Let's discuss your project and how we can help make it a success.

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